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Thankful for our Team!

Thankful for our Team!
November 15, 2019

Thanksgiving is around the corner and here at Altitude, we are thankful for our team members. We thought we would take some time to let all of our pet owners know what an integral part our team members play in the care of our patients.

Our reception team is the liaison between the clients and the medical team. They help arrange our schedule to provide prompt care for our patients and communicate health concerns to the medical team to determine the urgency of a certain medical condition.  They help with medication refills, assist in the overall flow of the hospital and provide excellent client service.

Our medical team consists of the veterinarian, who is highly supported by certified veterinary technicians and veterinary assistants. The techs and assistants provide a ton of hands-on care and assessment of patients, similar to human nurses.  They take vitals, triage patients, administer medications as directed by the vet, collect and process laboratory samples and radiographs, perform assessments on the status of in-hospital patients and communicate all of this information to the veterinarian to provide complete care to the patients. They act as dedicated anesthesia monitoring technicians for the safety of all anesthetized patients having specific training in anesthetic safety and balance. They perform the cleaning portion of a dental similar to a human dental hygienist and even sometimes assist the veterinarian with surgical procedures. Having such an excellently coordinated support staff allows for many eyes and hands caring for each patient. This is how we provide a higher level of care.

Our boarding team provides a home away from home for our patients when owners are away. They provide the basics of care (food, water, walking) but also TLC and playtime too. They are trained to observe for any medical concerns and bring these to the attention of the veterinarian.  They ensure each pet is safe and tucked in at night.

Our grooming team helps pets look and feel beautiful by providing compassionate full-service grooming for all shapes and sizes. Grooming can be an anxiety-producing event for some dogs and cats so they also communicate with the veterinarian regarding the comfort of the pets they are working with, this includes any physical concerns or any signs of excess anxiety so this can be appropriately addressed by the veterinarian.

Our hospital provides care to our patients by the Fear Free method, and many of our team members are Fear Free certified. It is our goal to provide the best medical care in the least stressful way possible here at Altitude. We are so lucky to have so many team members who share in this passion and help us in action every day!

by Tagney Grey DVM