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Regenerative Medicine utilizes the body’s own cells to heal and regenerate damaged tissues in acute and chronic conditions. These conditions include osteoarthritis (pain in the joints) and soft tissue injuries (strained ligaments and tendons). Commonly these injuries in our pets shown as limping, difficulty getting up, and decreased activity. Conditions such as these can mean only one thing, our pets are in pain!  An exam and radiographs (x-rays) are essential to identify areas most needed for PRP.

PRP is a highly concentrated blood sample that contains isolated cells (platelets) and the fluid portion of blood (plasma). When used as a therapy, PRP can help regenerate and heal tissues by (1) releasing proteins called “Growth Factors” which respond to tissue regeneration and (2) recruiting other cells to clean up dead and injured cells.

PRP is as natural as it gets and allows the body to do its own healing work. The visit involves drawing blood from your pet, processing it, then under sedation, injecting PRP into the designated joint(s). Injections are repeated every 6-9 months and may last longer.

Altitude Veterinary Hospital is excited to bring this exciting therapy to you and your pets, helping them live a comfortable, and more pain-free life.  That’s good for both of you!