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The last couple years have been stressful to everyone as a community. We have been emotionally and physically taxed. As a veterinary community we are feeling the stress of still being needed more than ever but there are new obstacles to work around. Employees need to be home with their family and are dealing with sickness. Due to missing staff members, the employees that are present can feel stressed and overworked. There are shortages in medications and prescription foods due to shipping issues or lack of supply, so we need to find new places to order from or try to treat our patients a different way than before, which can be frustrating for both the owners and the hospital.  

Despite where we are in our lives there is one goal that brings all of us together and that is to provide the best care for our pets. The employee who answers the phone, the receptionist who greets you and your pet when you walk in, the doctor and technicians in the exam room; we are all here for you and your pet. We are here because we care about pets and their owners. We come in at 2am for an emergency because we care about pets and their owners. Owners are bringing their pets in because they care for and love their pets. We are thankful for owners who are doing their best to make sure their pets stay healthy.  

During these stressful times we need to remember the goal. We need to remember we all want to provide the best care for all our pets. During our interactions with each other we need to be understanding, we need to be kind, we need to remember everyone is doing their best!