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Today pets are truly part of the family. As such, at Altitude Veterinary Hospital we strive to provide the very best care for them. This is driven by our clients who want to know diagnoses, prognoses, and not simply try medications. We accomplish this by having set standards of care. Standard of care can mean many things. There is a legal definition, and a guiding ethical definition. Having standards of care at Altitude Veterinary Hospital means we offer and recommend the same care for our client’s pets as we would our own.
• We frequently review industry guidelines and update our protocols.
• We review cases with-in our group of veterinarians as well as consult with specialists when needed to ensure appropriate case management.
• We have certified veterinary technicians as well as trained veterinary assistants who are passionate about pets.
• We have a dedicated anesthesia monitoring technician observing patients under anesthesia, as well as use monitoring equipment to track vital signs.
• We have advanced equipment such as digital dental radiographs (x-rays), Intensive Care Unit, ultrasound, Cold Laser Therapy, and in-house laboratory equipment.
• We engage in continuing education to learn new information and techniques, not just satisfy license requirements.
• We treat and prevent pain in companion animals as we would a human because we know that even though they can’t express it, they sense pain the same as we do.
• We search until we find the answers.
• We provide reliable emergency response 365 days per year, by one of our own veterinarians, because we know there are some things that can’t wait until normal business hours.
• We educate our clients on treatment and preventive services.
These are just a few of the standards that guide our daily work. We feel by adhering to these standards we are better able to extend good quality of life for the pets we are privileged to care for. Given the intense bond between humans and animals, who can argue with better quality, longer lives?