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The Wyoming wind presents many challenges this time of year, one of which is keeping our dogs
consistently active. Physical activity has a plethora of benefits for humans, but these also apply to our
pets as well. The benefits include:
1. Ideal Body weight- Regular physical activity is key to maintaining ideal body weight. Many
studies document pets that are maintained at ideal body weight live on average 2 YEARS longer
than overweight pets, that’s HUGE!! We all want our animals to live forever and ideal body
weight is the first step to them living as long as possible.
2. Reduced anxiety- Regular physical activity has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety in pets
as well as people. Stress and anxiety play a major role in promoting behavior issues. Therefore,
if we reduce stress and anxiety, not only do we improve quality of life but we drastically reduce
behavior problems. This includes hyper behavior, destructive behavior, excess barking/digging
and even some types of aggressive behavior.
3. Improved Human-Animal Bond- Consistent activity shared between pets and their owners
improves the relationship.

For dogs options for activity are obvious, but for cats this can be more challenging. Consider laser
pointers, activity toys on poles, cat wheels or harness training for leashed walks.
So this year make a goal (New Years Resolution if you will) to keep your pet active! They will thank you
for it.